OmniLED is an smart and sustainable IoT platform powered by solar and wind with integrated battery storage. OmniLED's patented design allows for integration and powering of a wide range of applications such as smart city, lighting, surveillance, public  wi-fi, small cell/5G, autonomous mesh networks, drone charging, air quality monitoring, etc.  

OmniLED's integrated hybrid design allows it to generate power during the day and evening for truly 24/7 generation with integrated battery storage to allow for up to 7+ days of battery storage.   


OmnILED can be operated as both an off-grid and grid-tied platform.

OmniLED is truly a smart platform, with our OmniCONNECT platform you can remotely monitor system performace, receive system alerts, program and change settings on individual or groups of OmniLED. Authorized users can access the OmniCONNECT IoT platform remotely from their computers, tablets and/or smart phones.

OmniLED has a modular design to allow customers to customize the platforms configuration such as battery storage, applications such as lighting, small cell, wi-fi, surveillance, smart city applications, sensors, etc.