OmniLED autonomous energy platform and modular design, allows customer to use OmniLED as a smart and resilient, renewable energy powered platform to power and integrate a wide range of electronics for smart city, smart ligting, security/surveillence and other IoT applications.

OmniLED's integrated design allows users to integrate a wide range of IoT electronics for public service anouncements, smart lighting, smart traffic monitoring, noise and air quality monitoring, gun shot alerts, etc.


OmniLED's ability to generate power through wind and solar with integrated battery storage makes it a resilient and sustainable plarform for public lighting as  both an autonomous and/or grid tied solution.


OmniLED offers integrated security and serveillence capability as a off-grid and grid-tied surveillence solution. OmniLED can power surveillence systems even when during utility outages for added security and peace of mind.


International telecom companies utilize our OmniLED platform to integrate small cell/5G to enhance customer connectivity and to expand cell coverage in areas with limited access to power small cells. 


OmniLED can provide integrated EV charging station with added capability of overhead lighting and site security/surveillence.

EV Charging

OmniLED smart parking applications for shopping centers, parking lots, fleet management and security, etc.


Smart Parking

Omniflow is partnering with partners in the drone industry to utilize OmniLED's for remote dron charging.

Drone Charging

OmniLEDS can be used to provide iluminated crosswalk and overhead crosswalk lighting through our OmniCROSSWALK platform. OmniLED can also be used to provide lighting, surveillence and analystics to bus stops/shelters. 

Public Safety

OmniLED's can be paired with our new OmniBENCH to provide an park bench lighting, surveillence and integrated park bench wirless/USB phone charging capabilities.